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Skill Competency Assessment Program At Source Country



About The Program

CIDB Malaysia under Act 520 under article 33a (1) has taken steps by crediting 31 assessment centres in 13 foreign-source countries as preliminary steps to ensure that foreign workers working in the Malaysian Construction Industry are proficient.

This initiative is also in line with the aspirations of the Construction Industry Transformation Plan (CITP) 2016-2020 under the P2b initiative, Introducing mechanisms to raise skills mix for intake of foreign workers.

Understanding the importance of the initiative, CIDB Holdings, which owns six (6) Akademi Binaan Malaysia with the strength of nearly 250 accredited trainer and assessors in various fields of work, has expressed its desire to manage the implementation of the program and to help CIDB Malaysia achieve the following objectives ;

  • Ensure that the source of foreign labor is skilled in the Malaysian Construction Industry.
  • Ensure that CIDB Malaysia Skill Competency Certificate (SKK) as a pre-requisite for hiring foreign workers for the Malaysian Construction Industry.
  • Support the initiative of internationalization of CIDB Malaysia SKK to be adopted internationally.

The Process Flow

Target Group

  • Skilled Construction Personnel (Local)
  • Skilled Construction Personnel (Foreign/Permanent Resident)


The amended Act 520 makes it compulsory for construction personnel to be registered with CIDB. This is to allow CIDB to gather sufficient and accurate data on the number of construction personnel available and needed, the relevance of skills training programmes to the nation’s need, and to keep tabs on standards of construction workers.

The amendment also requires all construction site supervisors and skilled construction personnel as specified in the Third Schedule of Act 520 to be accredited by CIDB, and to hold a valid CIDB issued certificate according to their respective trades and skills.

This is because construction personnel who have been certified of their skills can produce work of high quality, be competent and highly productive. This in turn will increase the image of the construction workforce and attract more to be involved in this line.

Anyone caught working without proper registration and accreditation papers will be fine of not exceeding RM5,000. Likewise, the same penalty will also be imposed on employers of workers who are not accredited to carry out construction work.

The clauses in Act 520 CIDB that provide law enforcement on adherence to the Accreditation and certification of construction site supervisor and skilled construction worker are as follows;