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Construction Product Testing, Certification And Verification

CIDB Holdings (CIDBH) has been accredited by the Standards Malaysia as a Certification and Testing Body which complies to International Standard ISO/ IEC 17065 (Certification Body) and ISO/IEC 17025 (Testing Body). We are a qualified and established Certification Body with a testing laboratory (CIDBH Laboratory). With this accreditation, we offers technical services such as :

Construction Materials/Products Testing

CIDBH Laboratory is fully equipped with the latest technology of testing equipments and is able to perform product testing in compliance with the relevant Malaysian and International Standards. Our laboratory has been accredited by Standards Malaysia in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 since 2009.

The main objective of this testing laboratory is to provide testing services for construction products and ensuring they are comply with the standard requirements. The laboratory is equipped to conduct various tests in compliance with MS ISO 13006 (Ceramic Tiles), MS 147, MS 1522, MS 795 – Part 1, 2 & 3, MS 2578 (Sanitary Wares), MS 2545 (Flush valves), EN 200, EN 817 (Taps & Mixers) and MS 1135, MS 1498, MS 2397 (Glass in Building).

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Construction Materials/Products Certification

It is stipulated in CIDB Act 520 (Amendment 2011) that only building materials which have received the Standard Compliance Declaration (Perakuan Pematuhan Standard or PPS) can be used in construction projects (Schedule 4 of the Act). The main technical document required for consideration of PPS is the Product Certification (PC) or Full Type Test Report (FTTR) issued by any recognised accrediting body.
Therefore, we are, in its effort to uphold the requirements of the Act, offers product certification services to end users, importers and manufacturers. CIDBH as a Certification Body (CB) has been accredited by the Standards Malaysia in compliance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17065. We have qualified and experienced auditors who are capable on performing of an on-site inspections, factory audits, and product samplings.

Our Product Certification is recognised in certifying various construction materials/products to fulfil CIDB’s requirements namely ceramic tiles; sanitary wares; glass for construction; radiant barriers; together with iron and steel products which include deformed bars; wire rods; steel beams; scaffoldings; wire mesh; wire ropes; etc. We are also able to certify water supply products such as taps & mixers, flush valves and fitting mechanisms in order to comply with standard/regulatory requirements.

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Construction Materials/Products Inspection, Sampling and Verification

CIDBH has been appointed by CIDB Malaysia to conduct inspections on imported building materials at points of entry and warehouses i.e., Klang Port and Johor Port.

Meanwhile, our Verification Team handles inspection for :
a. Ceramic tiles
b. Sanitary wares
c. Iron and steel products
d. Aluminium products
e. Insulation materials
f. Construction glasses
g. Cement
h. Fibre cement
i. Radiant barrier

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