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Quality Assurance Services

Construction Product/ Material Certification

It is stipulated in Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia Act 520 (Amendment 2011) only building materials which have received the Certification of Standards Compliance can be used in construction projects (Schedule 4 of the Act). Therefore, CIDB Holdings, in its effort to uphold the requirements of the Act offers product certification services to end users, importers and manufacturers. CIDB Holdings as a certification Body (CB) has been accredited by the Standards Malaysia in compliance to International Standard ISO/IEC 17065. We have qualified and experienced auditors capable to perform on-site audits and conduct product sampling. CIDBH Product Certification is recognised to certify various construction material products to fulfil CIDB requirements namely ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, glass for construction, deformed bar steels, wire rods, steel beam, scaffoldings, wire strand and steel wire. We also able to certify water supplies such as tapwares, flush valve and fittings mechanism in order to comply with standards/regulators (SPAN & CIDB) requirements.

Certified Of


There is no limit on the number of products or containers imported during the validity period of the certificate

Only witness test been conducted in each surveillance audit  if no new model / size addition

Full Type Test (FTT) only been conducted once within 4 years

Increase confidence in products, enhance your reputation and extend your market by using the CIDBH Product Certification Mark on your certified products as a marketing tool.

List of Test

NoProductStandardsTypes of Test
1Ceramics TilesMS ISO 13006• Surface Quality
• Dimension
• Water Absorption
• Breaking Strength & Modulus of Rupture
• Resistance to surface abrasion
– – glazed tiles
• Resistance to deep abrasion
– – unglazed tiles
• Crazing test – glazed tile
• Chemical resistance
• Resistance to staining
2Sanitary WaresMS 147• Surface Quality
• Tolerance
• Water Absorption
• Crazing Test
• Warpage
• Chemical Resistance
• Resistance to Staining
MS 1522• Surface Quality
• Dimension
• Flushing test
• Loading test
MS 795 – 1,2,3,• Water Line
• Volume of Discharge
• Rate of Discharge
• Air separation Distance
• Backflow Prevention
MS 2578• Quality
• Dimension
• Strength and support
• Draining of water
3Glass in BuildingMS 1135• Defect in glass
• Light transmittance
• Solar transmittance
MS 1498• Dimension
• Flatness
• Appearance test
• Pendulum impact test
MS 2397• Solar factors
• Light fastness
• Abrasion resistance
• Acid & alkali resistance
• Emissivity
4Iron and SteelMS 146 : 2014• Chemical Composition
• Quality of Finished Steel
• Mechanical Properties
• Dimensions
• Bond Strength and Surface Geometry
5Tap FittingsBS 200 : 2008• Dimensional Characteristics
• Sequence of Testing
• Leaktightness characteristics
• Pressure resistance characteristics
– – mechanical performance under pressure
• Hydraulic characteristics
• Mechanical strength characteristics
– – torsion test for operating mechanism
• Mechanical endurance characteristics
• Backflow protection
• Acoustic characteristics

Product Certification Process

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