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Training & Certification Programmes

Special Projects

CIDBH is the enabler for trainings and knowledge transfer programmes such as the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP), apprenticeship programmes held in collaboration with industry partners, and G2G (government to government) skills training and assessment programmes.

Empowering Safety & Personnel (ESP)

CIDB is committed in achieving CITP’s key outcomes, and one being to achieve more than 50% reduction in worksite fatalities and injuries by executing Empowering Safety Personnel (ESP) Programme. The programme targets to strengthen the pool of qualified safety officers and inspectors in the construction industry. This is in response to RMK11 agenda which is to accelerate human capital development towards an advanced nation.

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MTCP Programme

In line with the spirit of South-South cooperation, the MTCP, which is a bilateral technical cooperation programme, shares development experiences with other developing countries.

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SSAP Programme

CIDB Malaysia in collaboration with Lendlease has initiated the Site Safety Apprenticeship Program to identify competent and certified Site Safety Supervisors through specific, structured training programs and relevant assessment and interview process.

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Qlassic Assessor Training

QUALITY ASSESSMENT SYSTEM IN CONSTRUCTION (QLASSIC) is a certification scheme developed by CIDB and assessment is carried out based on the Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7) to measure quality level achieved in a completed project.

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