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To uphold Act 520 (Amendment 2011) which stipulates that only building materials which have received the Certification of Standards Compliance can be used in construction projects, CIDBH established its own certification body and testing laboratory, offering technical services which cover product verification, product certification and product testing. Our certification body and testing laboratory are certified by the Department of Standards Malaysia.

Product Testing

CIDBH’s Construction Material Testing Laboratory conducts testing on 2 products, namely ceramic tiles and sanitary wares. The testing is conducted in accordance to the MS ISO 13006:2014 for ceramic tiles and MS 147:2001, MS 1522:2007, MS 795:2002, and MS 2578:2014 for sanitary wares. The CIDBH's testing laboratory is well equipped to conduct various tests including tests on surface quality; water absorption; resistance towards abrasion, chemical and staining; and tolerance, to name a few.

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For Further inquiries regarding our services:

Contact Officer:

Email: ctcenter@cidbholdings.com.my

Mr. Mohd Zahari Sharifuddin
M: 6012-3022621

Mr. Mohd Nazri Abd Aziz
M : 6019-361 0128

Lab Address:

Makmal Ujian Bahan Binaan CIDB Holdings
Ground Floor, Block E 
Lot 8, Jln Chan Sow Lin 
55200 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 603-9284 1675 
Fax : 603-9284 1675



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