Contractor Training Programme (CPD Programme)

The CPD trainings are designed for continuous personal soft skill development among construction personnel.  Various trainings are conducted year-round covering human resource and site management skills, contracts management, project planning, project risk management, financial management and many other issues affecting the construction industry.

This training is available throughout the year and may be customised according to clients’ requirements.

Event Event Date Location Register
Know Your Legal Rights & Liabilities in Construction Business [22-23 Jan 2018] 22-Jan-2018 Kuala Lumpur
Peluang-Peluang Baru Untuk Kontraktor Melalui Inisiatif Sistem Binaan Berindustri (IBS) [24-25 Jan 2018] 24-Jan-2018 Kuala Lumpur
Project Accounting [24-25 Jan 2018] 24-Jan-2018 Shah Alam, Selangor
Basic Construction & Project Planning [05-06 Feb 2018] 05-Feb-2018 Kuala Lumpur
Maximising Your Leadership Effectiveness [05-06 Feb 2018] 05-Feb-2018 Kuala Lumpur
Strategic Creative and Innovative Thinking [07-08 Feb 2018] 07-Feb-2018 Shah Alam, Selangor
Practical Application of MS 1064: Modular Coordination in IBS and Non IBS Projects [07-08 Feb 2018] 07-Feb-2018 Kuala Lumpur
Occupational Safety & Health at School [12-13 Feb 2018] 12-Feb-2018 Kuala Lumpur
Project Cost Estimation [12-13 Feb 2018] 12-Feb-2018 Shah Alam, Selangor
Developing Successful Strategies: Planning to Win [21-22 Feb 2018] 21-Feb-2018 Kuala Lumpur


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