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Collaboration Initiatives

CIDBH believes that industry players’ experiences and insights are the most valuable source of knowledge to improve and intensify the quality and value of the local construction industry. The sharing of best practices and insight information especially on quality and quality assessment tools through seminars, on-job training, job placements, and conferences is one way to elevate the construction industry worthiness towards nation-building.

CIDBH is proud to mention its many partners and alliances, most of which are prominent industry players, both locally and internationally.

CIDBH also ventures into special partnerships and strategic alliances with local Government Linked Companies and agencies, and foreign governments to cater to specific construction needs and requirements.

Looking for new business partners, new ideas and collaboration with us, please do not hesitate to contact :  or

CIDBH has been playing the key role in bridging Malaysian construction industry players to various infrastructure projects in the Asian region, specifically in India. Malaysian companies have been involved in projects such as:

  • India National Highway Project
  • Railway Land Commercial Development Project
  • Rehab Affordable Housing Scheme (RAS) Development in Mumbai
  • Jaipur Metroline Phase II
  • Rajasthan State Highway Project

CIDBH constantly eyes for new opportunities abroad, as these opportunities not only benefit the local industry players with hand-on experience and knowledge, but also answer to the call for internationalisation as set out in the CITP.

Calling the industry players to participate in our international networking initiatives. Please contact:  or