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The six (6) Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM) were established strategically at development corridors throughout the country. These ABMs provide skill trainings for industry personel and contractors. Among the training programes offers are various skill sets in the areas of Building Works, Industrialised Building System (IBS), Crane Operation, Plant Operation, Mechanical & Electrical, Blasting & Painting, Welding, Drafting, Civil and Non-destructive Testing.

ABM Offers:
a. The Construction Personnel Skills Competency Training Programme (Construction Personnel Programme)
b. The Youth Skills Competency Training Programme (Youth Programme)
c. The CIDB Skills Competency Assessment Programme
d. The Training To Specific Requirements Programme (Customised Programme)

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CIDB IBS Sdn Bhd a new venture providing services to support the government and industry players in addressing the gaps in the implementation of IBS initiatives under Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) 2016-2020; and the overall industrialisation agenda of the Malaysian construction industry.

CIDB IBS Offers:
a. Advisory & Technical Consultancy on IBS’s Programme & Projects
b. Commercialization & Showcases of IBS Open System Design, R&D and Products IBS Training
c. Advisory on Improving Quality For New & Existing IBS Products

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CIDB Technologies Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of CIDB Holdings Sdn Bhd (CIDBH) which focus as a training centre and a skills competency assessment centre in the fields of Welding, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), and Blasting & Painting Operations (BPO). It is compliant with the provision under Act 520, which aims to ensure construction workers are given formal training and that their skills meet industry standards.

CIDB Technologies Offers :
i. Training & Certification Welding, NDT, BPO, Painting (SKKP CIDB & International
ii. Assessment for welding & BPO (Local & Foreign Workers)
iii. WPS/PQR/WQT Testing Approval
iv. NDT Inspection Services
v. Centre of Excellence for WSC Welding
vi. Advance Welding Technology

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